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Film writer from United States of America

George Lee Lutz (February 27, 1947 – May 8, 2006) lived with his wife Kathy Lutz and three of her children, Danny, Christopher and Missy, for 28 days at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, USA. Their purported experiences lay the foundation for the book The Amityville Horror. Eventually George and Kathy divorced. George and his youngest step-son Christopher clashed during Chris's teenage years. In 2003, Christopher, whose last name is now Quaratino, told the public that much of The Amityville Horror is fiction. George sued him over it and the two entered legal battles. Chris continues to state that the house was and is haunted but George made up many of the events. However Lutz and Quaratino later came back to good terms with each other. George Lutz died on the afternoon of May 8, 2006, in Julian, California of heart disease.  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
George Lee Lutz
Date of birth
United States of America
Kathy Lutz
Christopher Lutz Missy Lutz Danny Lutz


Year Performance Character
2005 The Real Amityville Horror


Date of death
Cause of death
Cardiovascular disease
Place of death
Las Vegas

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