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George Sayer Rear-Admiral George Sayer CB (1773 - 29 April 1831) was a Royal Navy officer who twice became Commander-in-Chief of the East Indies Station. Sayer joined the Royal Navy at an early age and first saw action in HMS Phoenix in the campaign against Tipu Sultan on the Malabar Coast. Promoted to lieutenant in July 1793, he was serving in HMS Carysfort during the Frigate action of 29 May 1794 when the Carysfort recaptured the French ship Castor. His first command was the sloop HMS Lacedemonian in 1796. He later commanded HMS Albacore, HMS Xenophon and HMS Inspector. Following his promotion to post captain in February 1801, he was appointed to HMS Proselyte. He was given command of HMS Galatea in July 1805 and on 11 September 1805 shared with Circe, Africaine, Hippomenes, Amelia, and the schooner Maria in the proceeds of the capture of the brig Hiram. On 18 August 1806 Galatea was under the command of Captain George Sayer when Lieutenant M'Culloch used Galatea's barge to pursue a schooner several miles up a river near Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. The schooner resisted the boarding party until she lost her commandeer and a crew member, at which time she surrendered. She proved to be a Spanish  ( Wikipedia article )


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