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Monsignor George Tribou (April 14, 1924, ordained September 1, 1949 – February 2, 2001) was long-time principal of Catholic High School for Boys, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, and was an influential figure in the local politics of the city of Little Rock and the state of Arkansas as well as the Catholic Church in the United States. Born in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, George Tribou worked as a film projectionist at a local theater. He would later tell students that part of his inspiration for becoming a priest was seeing Norman Taurog's film Boys Town and Spencer Tracy's romanticized portrayal of Father Edward J. Flanagan. While working there, he was required by his boss to polish a large stainless steel wall every week. A strong work ethic developed in Tribou's early life would come to characterize the Roman Catholic Priest that he became. As principal, whenever he did not feel like doing any work, a glance at the sign on his desk having the single word "DUTY" was all he needed to continue his work for the school. That sign remains there to this day. George Tribou came to St. John's Seminary in Little Rock for his theological studies. After his ordination in 1949, he served as  ( Wikipedia article )


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