George W. Della

George W. Della (February 9, 1908 - August 11, 1990) was a politician and businessman from the U.S. state of Maryland. Trained as a lawyer, Della was appointed to the Maryland Senate in 1939 to represent a district in Baltimore and served until his retirement from politics. He served as President of the Maryland Senate from 1951–1955 and again from 1959-1963. Following his retirement in 1963, Della worked as a lobbyist for Baltimore Gas and Electric. His son, George W. Della, Jr., was a member of the Baltimore City Council from 1976–1983 and the Maryland Senate representing South Baltimore from 1983-2010. George W. Della was born February 9, 1908, in Baltimore, Maryland. He attained his education locally, attending Baltimore Public Schools and the Baltimore City College, from which he graduated in 1927. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore in 1932 and, three years later, earned a law degree from that institution's School of Law. By 1936, Della had passed the Maryland Bar and begun to practice law, and the same year he was wed to Agnes H. Mattare, with whom he would have three children, George, Mary, and Howard.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 9th, 1908
Date of death
August 11th, 1990 at age of 82




1. Baltimore City College High school

The Baltimore City College (BCC), also referred to as The Castle on the Hill, historically as The College, and most commonly City, is a public high school located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The City College curriculum includes the International Baccalaureate Programme and emphasizes study in the classics and liberal arts. Baltimore City College is a magnet school, and admission is competitive. Applicants from Baltimore City and the surrounding area are evaluated for admission using a combination of grades and standardized test scores.

Type University-preparatory school
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3220 The Alameda, 21218 - Baltimore, Maryland
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b. 1912., Scriptwriter
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Type Public university
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1420 N. Charles Street, 21201 - Baltimore, Maryland
2010. 3,226
2009. 3,004
2010. 3,275
Acceptance rate
2010. 32.0 %
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2011. 7.5 K $
2010. 7.33 K $
2009. 7.17 K $
2008. 7.05 K $
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b. 1948., U.S. Congressperson


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