George W. L. Bickley

George Washington Lafayette Bickley (c. 1819 – August 1867) was the founder of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a Civil War era secret society used to promote the interests of the Southern United States by preparing the way for annexation of a "golden circle" of territories in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean which would be included into the United States as southern or slave states. Bickley was arrested by the United States government and it was during this time he wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln expressing his distastes with Lincoln's handling of the government. Bickley was born in southwest Virginia in 1819. At a young age, he ran away from home to live an adventurous life around the country. In 1850, he resurfaced in Jeffersonville (now Tazewell), Virginia as a practicing physician. In Jeffersonville, he founded a local historical society and began writing the manuscript for the History of the Settlement and Indian War of Tazewell County, Virginia.

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