George York and James Latham

George Ronald York and James Douglas Latham (both died June 22, 1965) were an American spree killer team who are the most recent individuals executed by the U.S. state of Kansas. In late 1959, York and Latham met at Fort Hood, Texas, where both were privates in the United States Army. Latham had come to Fort Hood from Fort Carson, Colorado, where he had undergone basic training between May and July 1959. In May 1961 York and Latham went AWOL and travelled to York's hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. On May 29, they met Althea Ottavio and Patricia Hewitt, visitors from Georgia. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, York and Latham strangled both women, stealing their money and their car. On June 7, York and Latham murdered John Whittaker in Tullahoma, Tennessee. They took Whittaker's car and abandoned the first car they had stolen. On June 8 in Edwardsville, Illinois, they murdered Albert Reed. Several miles outside of Edwardsville, York and Latham killed a gas station attendant, Martin Drenovac, and stole money and gas from the gas station. York and Latham continued their cross-country killing spree. They killed two men in St. Louis, Missouri.

Personal details

Date of death
June 22nd, 1965


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