Gertrude Lintz

Gertrude Davies Lintz was an eccentric animal lover from Brooklyn, New York. She kept several animals in her Brooklyn home, including several St. Bernards and the famous gorillas Gargantua (called Buddy at that time) and Massa. She was known to drive around Brooklyn with a fully clothed gorilla or chimpanzee sitting in the passenger seat. She believed that apes would only thrive if they received proper mothering (she gained national attention by proposing this to the scientific community) so she treated them as her children - dressing them, teaching them to eat at the table with cutlery and so forth. Buddy/Gargantua later became a major circus attraction after being sold to The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1937. He had been frightened by a thunder storm and, having escaped from his cage, climbed into bed with his "mother", Mrs Lintz. Massa was sold to the Philadelphia Zoo in 1935 after being severely startled when accidentally splashed with water. He became the oldest gorilla on record at 54 years old and his story, with elements of Gargantua's life, was made into the film Buddy (1997). Mrs. Lintz was played by Rene Russo.

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United States of America
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Brooklyn , New York
pop. 2,592,149 (2013)




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