Giorgio Strehler Opera Director

Giorgio Strehler (August 14, 1921 – December 25, 1997) was an Italian opera and theatre director. Strehler was born in Barcola, Trieste to an Austrian father and a Franco-Slovene mother; he grew up speaking Italian but spoke French well and his German was passable. He became suddenly fatherless at the age of three, his grandfather, Olimpio Lovric, becoming his father figure. Olimpio was one of the finest horn players of his day and the impresario of the Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Trieste's Opera House. When he was seven, his grandfather died and he moved to Milan with his mother and grandmother. Milan was to become Giorgio's home until the end of his life. As a child, Giorgio was not impressed by theater. He found it "false" and decided it did not have the power to stir one's emotions as film did. His opinions changed one hot summer night while on his way to the cinema. He noticed a sign advertising the Air-Conditioning posted by the Odeon theater. He walked in for some relief from the weather to see a performance of Carlo Goldoni's Una delle ultime sere di Carnevale being given by a company from Venice. He went every evening for the next few days to see more plays by Goldoni.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 14th, 1921
Date of death
December 25th, 1997 at age of 76
Place of death


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