Giovanni Battista Caproni

Civil engineer

Giovanni Battista Caproni Giovanni Battista Caproni (1886-1957), known as "Gianni" Caproni, was an Italian aeronautical engineer, civil engineer, electrical engineer, and aircraft designer who founded the Caproni aircraft-manufacturing company. Caproni was born on July 3, 1886 in Massone d'Arco, which at the time was in Austria-Hungary but later became a part of Italy. In 1906, he received a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from l'Istituto Montefiori di Liegi, and in 1907 a degree in civil engineering from Politecnico di Monaco di Baviera. In 1907 and 1908, Caproni gained experience in the construction of aircraft engines; he also collaborated with the Romanian aircraft designer Henri Coandă, whom he had met at l'Istituto Montefiori di Liegi, in the building of sailplanes. In 1908, he founded the Caproni factory in the Taliedo district of Milan, Italy, to manufacture biplanes. In 1909 he opened an industrial airport near the Cascina Malpensa, who then become the Malpensa Airport MXP. In 1910, he designed and built his first powered aircraft, the Caproni Ca. 1, an experimental biplane which was the first aircraft built in Italy. It was destroyed during its first flight on May 27, 1910. In 1911, the  ( Wikipedia article )


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