Giovanni Battista Venturi

Physicist from Italy

Giovanni Battista Venturi (15 March 1746 - 24 April 1822) was an Italian physicist, savant, man of letters, diplomat and historian of science. He was the discoverer of Venturi effect, which was described in 1797 in his Recherches Experimentales stir le Principe de la Communication Laterale du Mouvement dans les Fluides applique a l'Explication de Differens Phenomenes Hydrauliques, translated into English in 1837 by Thomas Tredgold as "Experimental Inquiries Concerning the Principle of the Lateral Communication of a Motion in Fluids," in Tracts on Hyraulics. Because of this discovery, he is the eponym for the Venturi tube, the Venturi flow meter and the Venturi pump. Born in Bibbiano, Italy, in the Province of Reggio Emilia Giovanni was a contemporary of Lagrange and Laplace, and a pupil of Lazzaro Spallanzani. He was ordained as a priest in 1769, at the age of 23, and in the same year was appointed as teacher of logic at the seminary of Reggio Emilia, where he had earlier received an education. In 1774 he became a professor of geometry and philosophy at the University of Modena. He later held the posts of ducal mathematician, state engineer, and auditor under the Duke of Modena. As  ( Wikipedia article )


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