John of Capistrano

Giovanni da capistrano

Saint John of Capistrano (Italian: Giovanni da Capistrano, Hungarian: Kapisztrán János, Polish: Jan Kapistran, Croatian: Ivan Kapistran, Serbian: Jovan Kapistran) (June 24, 1386 – October 23, 1456) was a Franciscan friar and Catholic priest from Italy. Famous as a preacher, theologian, and inquisitor, he earned himself the nickname 'the Soldier Saint' when in 1456 at age 70 he led a crusade against the invading Ottoman Empire at the siege of Belgrade with the Hungarian military commander John Hunyadi. Elevated to sainthood, he is the patron saint of jurists and military chaplains, as well as the namesake of the Franciscan missions San Juan Capistrano in Southern California and San Juan Capistrano in San Antonio, Texas. As was the custom of this time, John is denoted by the village of Capestrano, in the Diocese of Sulmona, in the Abruzzi region, Kingdom of Naples. His father had come to Italy with the Angevin court of Louis I of Anjou, titular King of Naples. He studied law at the University of Perugia .

Personal details

Date of birth
June 24th, 1386
Date of death
October 23rd, 1456 at age of 70
Place of death
Cause of death
Bubonic plague


1. University of Perugia Colleges/University

University of Perugia (Italian Università degli Studi di Perugia) is a public-owned university based in Perugia, Italy. It was founded in 1308, as attested by the Bull issued by Pope Clement V certifying the birth of the Studium Generale.

Type Public university
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Piazza Università 1, 06123 - Perugia, Umbria
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b. 1936., Cardinal
b. 1956., Writer
b. 1957., Politician
b. 1964., Actor
b. 1535., Religious Leader
b. 1439., Religious Leader
b. 1369., Religious Leader
b. 1552., Writer


1.Mission San Juan Capistrano

American Colonial Structure
Mission San Juan Capistrano was a Spanish mission in colonial Las Californias. Its ruins are located in present-day San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, southern California.
Located in Geolocation Official website
San Juan Capistrano, California


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