Giovanni Gradenigo

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Giovanni Gradenigo (died August 8, 1356) was the fifty-sixth Doge of Venice, appointed on April 21, 1355. During his reign, Venice signed a peace with Genoa. Gradenigo was born in Venice. Before his election, he had been podestà in Capodistria, Padua, and Treviso. His recognized loyalty to the Venetian Republic probably helped him in being elected, as he came after the conjure which had led to the execution of his predecessor, Marin Falier. Two months after his election, the Venetians signed a peace with Genoa, ending a long and unfavorable war. During his reign measures were take to improve the Republic's economic situation, but in 1356 they were again in war both on the mainland and in Dalmatia. He died in August 1356.  ( Wikipedia article )


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