Glaphyra (Greek: Γλαφύρα) was a Hetaera (also known as a Courtesan) that lived in the 1st century BC. Glaphyra was a Greek woman from Cappadocia from obscure origins. Glaphyra was famed and celebrated in antiquity for her beauty, charm as well as she had a reputation for being seductive. Glaphyra had married a Cappadocian Greek nobleman called Archelaus, the High Priest Ruler of the temple state of Comana, Cappadocia. Archelaus was the High Priest of the Roman Goddess of War, Bellona. Through her marriage to Archelaus, Glaphyra became a ruler of the temple state. Archelaus' father of the same name had descended from King Mithridates VI of Pontus. Glaphyra bore Archelaus two sons: In 47 BC the Roman Dictator Gaius Julius Caesar after the conclusion of his military victory against the Triumvir Pompey, deprived and deposed Archelaus of his office of high priest and rule over Comana. Archelaus was replaced by another Greek nobleman called Lycomedes. Pompey was their family patron and it was he that appointed his father as High Priest Ruler of the temple state of Comana. Sometime after Archelaus had died at an unknown date.


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