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Glenn Ryle Schnitker was a long-time television personality, announcer and children's show host in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ryle attended Western Hills High School in Cincinnati during World War II. He left high school at age 17 to enter military service with the United States Marines. At one point in his service career he briefly participated in a War Bond drive with war hero Pappy Boyington . Following his discharge, Ryle was a civilian advisor for the Israeli military in the Middle East during the time when this territory was being created. On June 25, 1950 Ryle was recalled to active duty with the start of hostilities in the Korean War. He served in Korea slightly longer than a year. On advice from a friend in Huntington, WV, Ryle, against his own better judgment and with no prior experience or training, became involved in broadcasting and joined WMOH radio in Hamilton. His inexperience, and also his potential, caught the attention of Cecil Hale of the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, who took Ryle under his wing, improving his skills. Ryle was later hired briefly by WLWT; his first on-camera commercial was on Midwestern Hayride plugging B.C. Headache Powders.

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January 16th, 1927




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