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Louis Marshall Jones (October 20, 1913 – February 19, 1998), known professionally as Grandpa Jones, was an American banjo player and "old time" country and gospel music singer. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Born in the farming community of Niagra in Henderson County, Kentucky, Jones spent his teenage years in Akron, Ohio, where he began singing country music tunes on a radio show on WJW. In 1931, Jones joined the Pine Ridge String Band, which provided the musical accompaniment for the very popular Lum and Abner show. By 1935 his pursuit of a musical career took him to WBZ (AM) radio in Boston, Massachusetts where he met musician/songwriter Bradley Kincaid, who gave him the nickname "Grandpa" because of his off-stage grumpiness at early-morning radio shows. Jones liked the name and decided to create a stage persona based around it. Performing as Grandpa Jones, he played the guitar, yodeled, and sang mostly old-time ballads. By 1937, Jones had made his way to West Virginia, where Cousin Emmy taught Jones the art of the clawhammer style of banjo playing, which gave a rough backwoods flavor to his performances. In 1942, Jones joined WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 20th, 1913
United States of America
Date of death
February 19th, 1998 at age of 84
Place of death
Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
Cause of death
Places lived
Akron , Ohio
pop. 198,100 (2013)

Musical acts

1.Grandpa Jones & Ramona

Member history

Member Role Start End
Ramona Jones

Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
Country Music Hall of Fame 1978
1999 Album
Pickin' and a Grinnin'
1995 Album on compact disc


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