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Actor from United States of America,Sweden

Greta Granstedt (July 13, 1907 - October 7, 1987) was a Swedish-American movie and television actress. Irene "Greta" Granstedt was the second child of Theodore and Emma Granstedt born in Scandia, Kansas. The Granstedt family was one of the five pioneer families from Sweden who settled in this north central Kansas community in 1867-68. The families left Sweden in response to the terrible conditions in the three years of misery in Sweden. Granstedt spent the first thirteen years in Scandia Township, Republic County, Kansas. Her father, of the second generation Scandia residents, was of Norwegian and Swedish heritage. In 1920 her family moved to Mountain View, CA in Santa Clara County, California. As a young teenager she was involved in an altercation with a boyfriend, Harold Galloway. Coming home from a church social, she confronted Harold with a pistol. The pistol went off and Harold was severely wounded. Galloway recovered, but Granstedt was sentenced to time in a reform school and was banished from Mountain View. Granstedt left Mountain View as a young woman and spent the next several years in San Francisco. Among other ways of making a living, she modeled at San Francisco Art  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Eraine Grandstadt,Irene Greta Granstedt,Elaine Grandstedt,Erane Granstadt,Euraine Grandstead,Eraine Granstat,Eraine Grandstedt,Elaine Grandstadt,Eraine Grand,Greta Grandstedt,Greta Granstadt,Euraine Grandsteade,Eraine Granstedt,Greta Irene Granstedt
Date of birth
Place of birth
United States of America,Sweden
Emma Granstedt, Theodore Granstedt
Robert Blieber Arthur G. Forbes Robert Lowenthal Ramon Ramos Marcel Olis Lawrence Wright Howard Thomas Max de Vega
Christopher Michael


Year Performance Character
1958 The Return of Dracula
1939 Hitler, Beast of Berlin
1937 Telephone Operator Sylvia Sommers
1932 Mckenna of the Mounted Shirley Kennedy
1932 They Never Come Back Mary Nolan
1930 Caught Short Fanny Lee
1928 Excess Baggage Betty Ford


Date of death
Place of death
Los Angeles

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