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Gudipati Venkatachalam aka Chalam (Telugu : గుడిపాటి వెంకటాచలం) (1894–1979), a Telugu writer and philosopher, was one of the most influential personalities in the modern Telugu literature. Telugu is a language spoken by more than ten crore(100 millions) people and the literary interest of the people was at its height during first half of the 20th century. Most of his writings were regarding Women, especially the kind of difficulties women encounter-physical as well as psychological-in the society, families from their near and dear ones. Chalam discussed how the women should encounter them. the themes of his writings, philosophical tinge in his writings blended with his writing style earned him unenviable place in Telugu literary world. Much that is known about Chalam’s childhood comes from his 1972 autobiography titled Chalam. In it, he vividly mentions how his dad beat him up and how his mom, staying at her parent’s home even after marriage with her kids and husband, had to face a flurry of insults. Chalam brazenly puts across why he is writing his autobiography in its Foreword: I hate Autobiographies.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 18th, 1894
Date of death
May 4th, 1979 at age of 85




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