Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson

Handball Player from Iceland

Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson (born 8 August 1979 in Reykjavik) is an Icelandic handball player who plays for THW Kiel. Guðjón is one of the best handball players in the world. Guðjón started his handball career young with Grótta on Seltjarnarnes. He also played with KA and won the Icelandic championship in 2001. After that his professional career in Germany began with Essen. In 2005, Gudjón Valur won the European championship with Essen, but later that year joined Gummersbach. At Gummersbach he was joined by the Icelandic national handball coach Alfreð Gíslason. Gíslason, former sportsman of the year has led Gummersbach training since 2006. At the World Championship in handball in Germany in January–February 2007, Gudjón Valur scored the most goals, or 66. He was also the player who played the most minutes in the competition. On average, Gudjón Valur played 58 and a half minutes out of 60 in each game. Unfortunately the Icelandic team, which played well, was unlucky and ended in 8th place. Gudjón Valur is one of the most experienced players on the Icelandic national team, with about 250 games and over 1260 goals in international games. Guðjón Valur was chosen sportsman of the year in  ( Wikipedia article )


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