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Guillermo González Camarena (February 17, 1917 – April 18, 1965), was a Mexican engineer who was the inventor of a color-wheel type of color television, and who also introduced color television to Mexico. Born in Guadalajara in 1917, his family moved to Mexico City when Guillermo was almost 2 years old. As a boy he made electrically propelled toys, and at the age of twelve built his first amateur radio. González Camarena was born into a family composed by Arturo González and Sara Camarena, originally from Arandas, Jalisco. One of his older brothers Jorge (1908–1980), was a prominent painter, muralist and sculptor. In 1930 he graduated from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (ESIME) at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN); he obtained his first radio license two years later. He was also an avid stargazer; he built his own telescope and became a regular member of the Astronomical Society of Mexico. González Camarena invented the "Chromoscopic adapter for television equipment", an early color television transmission system. He was only 17. A U.S. patent application (2,296,019) states: The invention was designed to be easy to adapt to black-and-white television  ( Wikipedia article )


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Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena
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National Polytechnic Institute


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Las Lajas, Neuquén

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