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Gunnar isachsen

Gunnerius Ingvald Isachsen (3 October 1868 – 19 December 1939), was a Norwegian military officer and polar scientist. From 1923, he was the first president of the Norwegian Maritime Museum. He was born in Drøbak, Norway in 1868 and grew up there. His father was the shipmaster Nils Høgh Isachsen (1838–1913), and his mother was Marie Cecilie Sivertsen (1839–1909). His sister, Louise Isachsen, was a physician. After passing the matriculation exam in 1888, he entered the Norwegian Military Academy. Isachsen was made a first lieutenant in the Norwegian cavalry in 1891. Gymnastics and sports keenly interested Isachsen, and he graduated from the gymnasium Central School in 1898, also taking courses at the Marine Observatory in Wilhelmshaven and the marine research in Bergen. From 1898 to 1902, Isachsen was topographer on Otto Sverdrup's Fram expedition to the Arctic archipelago. During this voyage, he was promoted to Rittmeister in 1899, and mapped large areas of hitherto unknown islands in Northern Canada, mainly by long sledge journeys. These included Ellef Ringnes Island, King Christian Island. From 1903 to 1905, he participated in the French military service in Algeria and Paris.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 3rd, 1868
Date of death
December 9th, 1939 at age of 71
Place of death


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