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Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari (1895–1977) was a Punjabi novelist and short story writer with more than fifty books to his credit. He is also considered the father of modern Punjabi prose and received Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, New Delhi in 1971. Armed with an engineering degree from the Thomson Engineering College, now the IIT Roorkee, he also studied civil engineering at Michigan University, Ann Arbor. US. Gurbakhsh Singh established Preet Nagar township that was at equidistance between Amritsar and Lahore. Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari, through his personal charisma, brought people like Balraj Sahni,Nanak Singh, celebrity artiste Sobha Singh (painter)] and Diwan Singh, father of Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Arora of Bangladesh war fame, apart from associating Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Sahir Ludhianvi, Upendra Nath Ashq and Kartar Singh Duggal,playwright Balwant Gargi, poets Mohan Singh and Amrita Pritam: the best talent of the time — with Preet Nagar.The great martyr Diwan Singh Kalepani,the great intellectual Principal Teja Singh,principal Jodh Singh were closely associated. Gandhiji was to visit here and Nehru did. Tagore was aware of it. Mulkh Raj Anand ,a renowned writer in English, said that Tahore's  ( Wikipedia article )


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