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Guy Henry Faget (1891–1947) was an American doctor who revolutionalized the treatment of leprosy by demonstrating the efficacy of promin, in a paper reported in 1943. Promin is a sulfone compound synthesized by Feldman and his co-workers in 1940 as an agent against tuberculosis effective in experimental animals. He was the grandson of Jean Charles Faget, and father of Maxime Faget. For 25 years he was a distinguished officer of the US Public Health Service. In 1940 he became the director of the United States Marine Hospital (National Leprosarium) at Carville, Louisiana, United States of America. He was a member of the International Leprosy Association (ILA) and a consultant to the Advisory Medical Board of LWM. He died in a fall after having heart disease in 1947. On May 7 to 9,1942, he was invited to the 44th Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, New Orleans, and read a paper. In this paper he described the present situation of leprosy in the United States, and the National Leprosarium at Carville with photographs. He hinted important progress would be made in the near future. This is the paper written immediately before the promin paper. Toxic effects of this drug  ( Wikipedia article )


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