Hadi al-Modarresi

Ayatollah Sayed Hadi Almodarresi or al-Modarresi (Arabic: هادي المدرسي‎; transliterated: Hādī al-Mudarrisī) Born to a family with a long line of top-ranking scholars that dominated the Hawza (Islamic seminaries) for many years in Karbala, Iraq. His family includes supreme religious jurists (Marja’a) such as the late Grand Ayatollah Mirza Mahdi Al Shirazi (grandfather), Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Shirazi (uncle) and Grand Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi (uncle), late Grand Ayatullah Ali Al-Sabzowari (cousin), late Grand Ayatullah Sayed Abdul Hadi Al-Shirazi (great uncle), as well as Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Al Modarresi (brother). Almodarresi started his religious education in the Islamic seminary of Karbala at the age of three and actively sought his religious studies under the auspices of many high ranking scholars. He completed the secondary part of the curriculum by the age of 9. Due to his distinguished abilities Ayatollah Almodarresi received the recognition of several Maraje’ who appointed him as their special representative.

Personal details

Shia Islam
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Karbala , Iraq


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