Haitham Bundakji

Haitham Bundakji (born 1948) was President of the Islamic Society of Orange County, the largest Muslim organization in the western United States, located in Garden Grove, California. Among the members of his mosque in 1997 were Adam Yahiye Gadahn and Joseph Adams, who he initially helped teach. When Bundakji later found out how violent the men were, he permanently kicked them out of the ISOC mosque. Bundakji was born in Jerash, Jordan, but his ancestors are from Syrian decent. He has acknowledged hating Jews, assaulting them and getting into fist-fights, when he was younger. But he later renounced extremism and violence, and has become known for his work to build bridges with other faiths. He publicly apologized for his behavior and admitted his wrong doing. Bundakji now works as a volunteer Chaplain for the Garden Grove Police Department concerning public welfare and advocates world peace among all people of the world, especially to the Middle East.

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