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Hans Hermann Strupp (* August 25, 1921; † October 5, 2006) was born in Frankfurt, Germany and died in the U.S.A. He moved from Nazi Germany to the U.S. and he pursued a PhD in Psychology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where the Department of Psychiatry granted him with a Certificate in Applied Psychiatry for Psychologists. One of the founders of this School was Harry Stack Sullivan whose work had a large impact on Strupp’s academic career and thinking. Strupp’s work in the field of psychotherapy research is considered to be pioneer because he was the first to introduce the use of actual therapy session material, such as audio and videotapes from the therapy sessions, as methodologically significant tools for testing theories of psychotherapeutic change, something that was considered to be controversial up to that time. During the studies that he followed on the practise of psychotherapy these methods were widely used. As a prolific scholar and researcher, he has published 16 books and over 300 papers. He was member of the American Psychological Association and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Furthermore, he has contributed to one  ( Wikipedia article )


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