Harith al-Obeidi

Dr. Harith Mohey Al Deen Abd al-Obeidi (1961? 64?- 12 June 2009) was an Iraqi politician and cleric and member of Parliament for the Iraqi Accord Front. He was assassinated on 12 June 2009. Obeidi (also transliterated as ʻUbaydī, Ubaidi or Obaidi) was born in Baghdad into a Sunni Arab family. He studied Islamic jurisprudence at Mustansiriyya University in Najaf and at the Faculty of Islamic Sharia. He obtained a doctorate in Comparative Jurisprudence from Baghdad University and worked as a writer, academic and lecturer until the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Since the invasion he regularly gave sermons at Sunni-majority mosques. After the invasion of Iraq, Obeidi became an active member of the General Council for the People of Iraq political group. Although he called for the disarmament of all Iraqi militias, United States troops raided his home in September 2005 after receiving a false tip that he was linked to insurgents. In January 2006 he called on kidnappers to release the American journalist, Jill Carroll, saying the "abduction and killing of foreigners harms the interest of the people".


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