Harley Brinsfield Broadcast Artist

Harley Brinsfield hosted "The Harley Show, Music out of Baltimore" on WBAL and later on WFBR from about 1952 to sometime in the 1970s. Harley, was beloved by his listeners and friends, and probably introduced more people to the magic of Jazz than any other person. He was the owner of the Harley Sandwich Shop, which, largely due to the publicity generated by his show, became one of the first and largest local "fast food" franchises" pre-dating both McDonald's and Subway by many years. He also made one hell of a sandwich. Brinsfield also served as a commissioner of the Maryland State Roads Commission in the 1960s, representing the City of Baltimore. Harley purchased two hours in a block and had complete charge of the show. The show lead in with the theme "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" (played by a Duke Ellington small band with Johnny Hodges on the tenor sax) and closed with "Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay" (Played by Bob Scobey's Frisco Band.) Harley started the show stone cold sober and almost always ended it drunk. He would showcase a particular performer and trace that performer's development throughout his show.


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