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Harold Samuel Nixon (June 1, 1909 – March 7, 1933) was a brother of United States President Richard Nixon, the eldest of five children: Harold Nixon became ill with tuberculosis in 1927. Richard Nixon attributed this to his father's insistence on serving raw milk. When his condition worsened in the spring of 1928, his mother left her two surviving younger children (Arthur had died three years earlier) with their father in Whittier, California, and travelled 400 miles to Prescott, Arizona, where the weather was better for Harold's condition. He died on his mother's, Hannah Milhous Nixon, 48th birthday. Richard Nixon recalled Harold's death after three years of care by their mother: Nixon mentioned Harold's illness and his mother's response in his White House farewell speech: Harold Nixon was played by Tony Goldwyn in the 1995 film Nixon. The film states that Harold's death freed up money for Richard to attend law school, which is described by Harold and Nixon's mother as Harold's "gift" to his brother.  ( Wikipedia article )


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Francis A. Nixon, Richard Nixon, Donald Nixon, Arthur Nixon, Edward Nixon
Arthur Nixon Donald Nixon Richard Nixon
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