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Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Harriet Ross; 1820 – March 10, 1913) was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. After escaping from slavery, into which she was born, she made thirteen missions to rescue more than 70 slaves using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She later helped John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harpers Ferry, and in the post-war era struggled for women's suffrage. As a child in Dorchester County, Maryland, Tubman was beaten by masters to whom she was hired out. Early in her life, she suffered a head wound when hit by a heavy metal weight. The injury caused disabling seizures, narcoleptic attacks, headaches, and powerful visionary and dream activity, which occurred throughout her life. A devout Christian, Tubman ascribed the visions and vivid dreams to revelations from God. In 1849, Tubman escaped to Philadelphia, then immediately returned to Maryland to rescue her family. Slowly, one group at a time, she brought relatives out of the state, and eventually guided dozens of other slaves to freedom.

Personal details

United States of America
Date of death
March 10th, 1913
Place of death
Cause of death
African American,Ghanaian American
Places lived
Maryland , United States, with Territories
pop. 5,928,814 (2013)
Auburn , New York
pop. 27,381 (2013)



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Harriet Tubman
Jared F. Brown
A Woman Called Moses
Michael Jaffe

Hall of fame inductions

Hall of fame Induction date Other inductees
Maryland Women's Hall of Fame 1985
National Women's Hall of Fame 1973
inducted 1973
inducted 1973
inducted 1993
inducted 1993


1.Harriet Tubman High School

12501 N. Wilmington, 90222 - Compton, California

2.Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged

National Register of Historic Places Location
Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged, Harriet Tubman Residence, and Thompson A.M.E. Zion Church are three properties associated with the life of Harriet Tubman. They are located at 180 South Street, 182 South Street, and 33 Parker Street, respectively, in Auburn, New York. A fourth site associated with her life is Harriet Tubman Grave in nearby Fort Hill Cemetery. The group of properties make up a National Historic Landmark, the first having been declared a landmark in 1974 and an increase to include the other two having been declared in 2001. Harriet Tubman was a major \conductor" on the Underground Railroad. She was known as "the Moses of her people". She was later a suffragist. She worked all her life to care for others who were unable to care for themselves. Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged is the house where she fulfilled her dream of opening a home for indigent and elderly African-Americans. In 1911 she was admitted there herself and remained there until her death in 1913.
Located in Geolocation Opened
Auburn, New York

3.Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument is an 11,750-acre National Park Service unit in the U.S. state of Maryland. It commemorates the life of former slave Harriet Tubman, who became an activist in the Underground Railroad prior to the American Civil War. The monument was created by President Barack Obama under the Antiquities Act on March 25, 2013.

4.Tubman Elementary School

2861 Lakeshore Drive, 30337 - College Park, Georgia

5.Tubman Elementary School

Primary school
Tubman Elementary School is a public elementary school, named after Harriet Tubman, an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the U.S. Civil War. It is located in Washington, DC and is under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia Public Schools. It was built in 1970, shortly after the 1968 Washington, D.C. riots which ravaged its neighborhood of Columbia Heights. Over five hundred students are currently enrolled from pre-school to fifth grade. The school has regular graffiti cleaning, students have received free dental care, and D.C. Discovery Days give them field trips out of the neighborhood. Nevertheless, a student from Tubman joined others in voicing concern over safety in the public school district. 85% of the student body qualify for free or reduced-price lunches. Former principal Sadia M. White won a National Distinguished Principals award in 2004 for her work at Tubman.
Founded Headquarters Type
3101 13th St. Nw, 20010 - Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
Elementary school, State school


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