Captain Starlight

Henry Arthur "Harry" Readford (sometimes spelt "Redford" in Queensland,) was a well known Australian cattle thief or cattle 'duffer'. It is widely believed that the Captain Starlight character in Rolf Boldrewood's novel Robbery Under Arms was based on Readford as Readford's 1870 cattle drive was a major story arc in the book. Readford was the better known of two bushrangers known by the name of Captain Starlight. The other being Frank Pearson, who was known as Captain Starlight in 1868, twenty one years prior to the publication of the novel in 1889. Boldrewood himself claimed that the Captain Starlight character in his novel was a composite of several bushrangers that included Henry Readford but that the primary inspiration was Captain Midnight. The early chapters of 'Robbery Under Arms' are based on Rearford's exploits and the final 'shoot out' follows the shooting and death of Midnight. Henry Arthur Readford (b. Dec 1841 d. March 1901) was born near Mudgee in the Cudgegong District of New South Wales to a respectable family. He originally operated locally but later moved to Queensland where there were more opportunities for rustling.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1901 at age of 60


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