Hasan Izzet

Deceased Person from Turkey

Hasan Izzet Pasha (Turkish: Hasan İzzet Paşa, Hasan İzzet Arolat, 1871; Constantinople (Istanbul) – 3 March 1931) was a general of the Ottoman Empire. Hasan Izzet born in the 1871 to mother Süreyya Hanım and father Ali Muhsin Pasha in Aksaray neighborhood of Istanbul. He graduated from the Ottoman Military Academy (Mekteb-i Füsûn-u Harbiyye-i Şâhâne) in 1890 and the Staff College (Mekteb-i Erkân-ı Harbiye-i Şâhâne, present day: Harp Akademisi) on 23 March 1893 as a Staff Captain (Erkân-ı Harp Yüzbaşısı). He was appointed to the fourth department of the General Staff by the order of Sultan Abdülhamid II on 14 April 1894. On 7 May 1895, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Captain (Kolağası) and on 12 May 1895, he participated in the military staff excursion to Üsküp (present day: Skopje). On 29 October 1896, he was assigned the War Academy. On 21 April 1897, he was promoted to the rank of Major (Binbaşı) and assigned service in the Alasonya Army (Alasonya Ordusu), a field army will attack Elassona area. During 1897 Greco-Turkish War, he was assigned the 2nd Neşet Bey Division (İkinci Neşet Bey Fırkası) and took part in the Battle of Domokos (Dömeke Muharebesi). On 17 July 1897 he  ( Wikipedia article )


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