Hayley Okines

Hayley Okines is an English girl with the rare aging disease progeria who is known for spreading awareness of the condition. Diagnosed in 1999, Okines was born with progeria, a genetic disease that causes her to age eight times faster than the average person. This puts her projected lifespan to age thirteen. She frequently travels from England to Boston to receive new treatments in the United States. Okines has been the subject of television specials both in Europe and in the United States. Discovery Health aired a special titled Extreme Aging: Hayley's Story, which focused on the balance of the disease being currently non terminal but with a possible cure on the horizon. In England, a television documentary titled Extraordinary Lives also discusses Okines, her condition, and her options. When she was 13 years old, she was also published on a French TV show in 2012 [20/01/2012] called 'Tous Différents' (NT1). At that time she already had a physical age of 100 years. When she was ten years old, Okines was featured in "Hope for Hayley", an episode that was part of the English series Extraordinary People. The episode concerned Okines' trips to Boston for treatment.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 3rd, 1997
United Kingdom


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