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Hazīn Lāhījī (1692, Esfahan, Iran — 1766, Benares, India) (Persian: حزین لاهیجی‎), is the pen-name of Mohammad Ali ibn Abi Tāleb ibn Abd Āllah, also known as Mohammad Ali ibn Abi Tāleb Hazin Lāhiji, Mohammad ibn Abi Tāleb Gilāni and Sheikh Mohammad Ali Hazin Lāhiji. He was an Iranian poet and scholar, born into an eminent family in Esfahan. His ancestors were scholars and landowners from Gilān (see Lāhijān). In 1734 he emigrated to India where he contributed to the Persianization of the ruling élites. He regarded the Persian of the Indian writers with much contempt. Hazin Lāhiji is considered to be one of the most prominent scholars of the Safavid era whose knowledge extended over the theological learning of his time as well as Natural Science, a fact testified by his extant writings.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1766 at age of 74


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