Hendro Siswanto Soccer Midfielder

Hendro Siswanto is an Indonesian footballer who currently plays for Arema Cronus in the Indonesia Super League as a midfielder.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 12th, 1990
Places lived

Teams played 2

Arema Cronus F.C. Football

From To Position
2012 Midfielder

Arema Indonesia is an Indonesian football team based in Malang, East Java. It is one of the most supported and successful football clubs in Indonesia. There is currently a conflict between its members of management that results in formation of two teams, each played in the Indonesian Premier League (IPL) and Indonesia Super League (ISL). The Arema is born out of the pride of the citizens of Malang. With the desire to establish themselves as a famous and a high nobility society, the people (especially the teenagers) of Malang participated in all kinds of activities (which includes boxing, rock music and athleticism) to help establish the Malang as one of the famous societies in Indonesia. Arema is also the name of an Indonesian/Javanese legend, Singo Arema who is thought to originate from Malang. Due to this fact, "Arema" became a relevant name to be used for the culture and identity of Malang. Arema is a professional club based in Malang, East Java. Initially the team was born on August 11, 1987 on the initiative of Acub Zaenal, founder Galatama club, this is called Aremada, which is a combination of local clubs and 86 Malang Arema Fleet. But that name did not last long.

General club info

Club founded 1987
Indonesia Super League
Kanjuruhan Stadium
2004-06-09 -
Gajayana Stadium

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Teammates partial list

2012 - 2012 - Forward
2012 - - Defender
2012 - 2012 - Defender
2012 - - Defender
2012 - - Forward
2012 - 2013 - Forward
2012 - - Forward

National teams played

Indonesia national football team Football

From To Position
2007 Midfielder

The Indonesia national football team represents Indonesia in international football. It is controlled by the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI). It is a member of Asian Football Confederation. Prior to independence in 1945, the team competed as the Dutch East Indies national football team. Under this name, Indonesia was the first Asian team to participate in the World Cup when they qualified to the 1938 tournament in France. They were knocked out by Hungary in the first round and have not qualified for the World Cup since. They only qualified in 1956 Olympics in Australia, they hold eventual gold medalist Soviet Union 0–0 draw, but lost 0–4 in the replay match. They qualified to Asian Cup 4 times, despite always eliminated in the group stage. Indonesia best performance in Asia was in 1958 Asian Games in Tokyo, when they got bronze medal. They also reach Asean Football Championship final 4 times, albeit never won the tournament. The early matches involving sides from the Dutch East Indies were organised by the Nederlandsch Indische Voetbal Bond (NIVB) or its successor, the Nederlandsch Indische Voetbal Unie (NIVU).

General club info

Club founded 1930
Football Association of Indonesia
Gelora Bung Karno Stadium
2012 -


Manager From To
Jacksen F. Tiago 2013 2013
Rahmad Darmawan 2013 2013
Alfred Riedl 2013
Nil Maizar 2012 2013
Aji Santoso 2012 2012
Alfred Riedl 2010 2011

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