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Henri Enrique Miro (13 November 1879 - 19 July 1950) was a Canadian composer/arranger, conductor, pianist, and music critic of Catalan birth. He was a pioneering conductor for Canadian radio and his works were performed in all of Montreal's major performance venues of the day. He is best known for his operas, although the Montreal Symphony Orchestra did perform some of his symphonic music. Born in Tarrega, Spain, Miro began his musical education under Padre Domingo de Guzman at the monastery of Montserrat. In 1895 he entered the Barcelona Conservatory where he was a pupil of Bienvenido Socias y Mercadé. After earning his diploma, he moved to France in 1898 where he was director of an opera troupe for four years. In 1902 Miro immigrated to Montreal where he was active as a composer/arranger, conductor, pianist, and pedagogue. His notable students included Lucio Agostini, Fleurette Beauchamp, and Rafael Masella. In 1936 he was the first winner of the Société des concerts symphoniques de Montréal composition competition for his Scènes mauresques and the work was premiered by that orchestra at Plateau Hall under the direction of Wilfrid Pelletier on 3 April 1936. He was also awarded  ( Wikipedia article )


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