Henry Borelli Mafioso

Henry borelli

Henry Joseph Borelli (born 1948), also known as "Dirty Henry", was a New York City mobster with the Gambino crime family who became a member of the DeMeo crew. Borelli was a neighbour of Demeo crew member Joseph Testa, whose backyard abutted the backyard of his. Borelli was a drug dealer before he joined the DeMeo crew. When he first became associated with the DeMeo crew at the age of 26, he was considered an old man compared to them. He was married and was the father of two daughters, but the DeMeo crew liked him. Henry had actually become close friends with capo Roy DeMeo before Chris Rosenberg and soon became jealous of Rosenberg's relationship with the mob captain over the years, but Borelli still provided Rosenberg with marijuana and hashish that he brought back from Casablanca, Morocco. During one of these trips to Casablanca he was arrested for drug smuggling, but caught with only a test amount. He worked for his father-in-law's car service company before entering a life of organized crime.

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