Henry Conyngham, 8th Marquess Conyngham Noble person

The Most Hon. Henry Vivien Pierpont Conyngham, 8th Marquess Conyngham (born 23 May 1951), is an Anglo-Irish nobleman who holds a title in the Peerage of Ireland. He is also a former politician. Styled Viscount Slane until 1974 and Earl of Mount Charles from 1974 until 2009, he succeeded his father in the marquessate in March 2009, although in the Republic of Ireland he is often (and erroneously) still referred to as 'Henry Mountcharles'. The Marquess Conyngham has a high profile in Ireland with a weekly column in the Irish Daily Mirror. He is often termed 'the rock and roll aristocrat' or 'the rock and roll peer' owing to his very successful series of rock concerts from 1981, held in the natural amphitheatre of the grounds of Slane Castle. These have included The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Queen, U2, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Guns N' Roses, Oasis and Madonna. Lord Conyngham received the Industry Award at the 2010 Meteor Awards.

Personal details

Date of birth
May 23rd, 1951

Noble titles

Noble title From To
Marquess Conyngham


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Harrow School, commonly known simply as "'Harrow", is an English independent school for boys situated in the town of Harrow, in north-west London. There is some evidence that there has been a school on the site since 1243 but the Harrow School of today was officially founded by John Lyon under a Royal Charter of Elizabeth I in 1572. Harrow is one of the original nine public schools that were defined by the Public Schools Act 1868.

Type Boarding school
5 High Street, Harrow on the Hill, HA1 3HP - London, Greater London
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Type University
2013. 32.7 bil. $
2012. 30.7 bil. $
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September 8th, 1636
Massachusetts Hall, 02138 - Cambridge, Massachusetts
2012. 10,564
2010. 10,265
2009. 10,200
2012. 17,583
2010. 17,329
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2014. 5.9 %
2013. 5.8 %
2012. 5.9 %
2011. 6.2 %
2010. 6.9 %
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2013. 42.3 K $
2012. 40 K $
2011. 39.9 K $
2010. 35 K $
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Political engagements

Fine Gael

Geographic scope

Republic of Ireland


Liberal conservatism
Christian democracy
Social conservatism
Irish republicanism


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Fine Gael is a centre-right political party in the Republic of Ireland. It is the largest party in Ireland in the Oireachtas, in local government, and in terms of Members of the European Parliament. The party has a membership of over 35,000, and is the senior partner governing in a coalition with the Labour Party, with the Fine Gael party leader Enda Kenny serving as Taoiseach. Enda Kenny has led the party since 2002. Fine Gael was founded on 8 September 1933 following the merger of its parent party Cumann na nGaedheal, the National Centre Party and the National Guard. Its origins lie in the struggle for Irish independence and the pro-Treaty side in the Irish Civil War, identifying in particular Michael Collins as the founder of the movement. Fine Gael is sometimes considered to be more on the political right in comparison to its main rival, Fianna Fáil. But Fine Gael has rarely governed Ireland without the Labour Party, a social-democratic party on the centre-left of Irish politics, apart from brief minority governments, as in 1987.

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