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Henry Erskine (1624–1696), was a Presbyterian minister. Erskine was born at Dryburgh, in the parish of Mertoun, Berwickshire, being one of the younger sons of Ralph Erskine of Shielfield, a cadet of the family of the Earl of Mar. It is commonly said that his father's family were thirty-three in number; but the late Principal Harper said he had seen a small manuscript volume in which Ralph Erskine had entered the names of all his children, and there was only twelve. Henry was brought up under the ministry of Mr. Simpson, minister of Dryburgh, a man of very earnest piety, who probably influenced him to study to become a minister. His first charge was at Cornhill, a village in Northumberland, where, according to Wodrow, he was ordained in 1649, but according to others this occurred ten years later. From this charge he was ejected by the Act of Uniformity on St. Bartholomew's Day, 1662, greatly to the regret of his people. The revenues of his charge not having been paid to him, he went to London to petition the king to order payment; but after long delay he was told that unless he would conform he should have nothing. On his voyage home he was driven by a storm into Harwich, he  ( Wikipedia article )


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