Henry Rangel Silva

Henry de Jesús Rangel Silva (born in 1961) is a Venezuelan military and current minister of Defence. He was previously the head of Operational Strategic Command of the Venezuelan Armed Forces. Rangel Silva took part in the military coup of 1992 together with Hugo Chávez. In 2008 the US Department of the Treasury asked for Rangel Silva's US accounts to be frozen on the charge that he had helped the FARC in narcotraffic activities. In November 2010, Rangel Silva declared that the military forces are "married to the political, socialist project" led by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. Then he added that the arrival of a government different to Chávez would be unacceptable: The hypothesis (of an opposition government) is difficult, it would mean to sell of the country, people won't accept that, the Armed Forces won't and the people less. Shortly after that, Chávez promoted Rangel to General-in-Chief.

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