Henry Woodward

Henry Woodward (c. 1646 – c. 1690), often referred to as Dr. Henry Woodward, was the first British colonist of colonial South Carolina. He was instrumental in establishing relationships with many Native American Indians in the American southeast. He was a pioneer in initiating trade, primarily in deerskins and slaves, with many Indian towns and tribes. Not much is known about Henry Woodward's early life. He is thought to have been born in Barbados. His ancestry may have been Scottish. His father was William Woodward and his mother was Esther Martin. In 1666, Henry Woodward accompanied Captain Robert Sandford's exploration of the South Carolina coast. Woodward volunteered to remain in the Port Royal Sound vicinity and live among the Cusabo Indians, to establish relations and learn their language. For this he was granted, temporarily, "formall possession of the whole Country to hold as Tennant att Will" by the Lords Proprietors. In 1667 Woodward was captured by the Spanish of [Spanish Florida], taken to St. Augustine, Florida and held captive for about a year. As a prisoner he was well-treated. He professed Catholicism and was made official surgeon.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1690 at age of 44


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