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Hiroko Nakamura (中村 紘子, Nakamura Hiroko, born July 25, 1944) is a Japanese pianist. She is the youngest, and the second Japanese prizewinner at the 7th International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition (the first Japanese prizewinner is Kiyoko Tanaka). As her career in Europe, America, and a guest-judge of the major piano competitions, she is considered one of the most advanced and well-known players in Japan. She lives in Mita, Tokyo with her husband Kaoru Shōji, one of the winners of Akutagawa Prize. She has been a juror at many major piano competitions in the world, including the Chopin in Poland, the Tchaikovsky in Russia, the Arthur Rubinstein in Israel, the Busoni in Italy and so on. She also serves as the chairperson of the jury of the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition and as the Music Director of the Hamamatsu International Piano Academy. She received the 2005 ExxonMobil Music Award. Her style of piano music is tender, playing not too loudly. Nakamura is also well-known as a nonfiction writer, critic and television personality.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 25th, 1944


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Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
Piano Quintet / String Quartet no. 12 American""
1989 Album
Tokyo String Quartet

Awards won

1965 International Chopin Piano Competition

Awarded for Presented by Discipline Award shared with
Fourth Prize


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