Hoei Shin

Hui Shen or Hoei Shin (simplified Chinese: 慧深; traditional Chinese: 慧深; pinyin: hùi shēn; literally: "intelligent profound") was a legendary Chinese Buddhist monk. According to legend, after a voyage into the Pacific, he reached a land he named Fusang after a plant growing there. Fusang is about twenty thousand Chinese miles in an easterly direction from Tahan, and east of the Middle Kingdoms [China]. Many fusang trees grow there, whose leaves resemble the Dryanda cordifolia; the sprouts, on the contrary, resemble those of the bamboo tree, and are eaten by the inhabitants of the land. The fruit is like a pear in form but is red. From the bark they prepare a sort of linen which they use for clothing... The houses are built of wooden beams; fortified and walled places there unknown... They have written characters in this land and prepare paper from the bark of the Fusang. It has been claimed that he taught Buddhism to the natives of central America, and was even responsible for naming Guatemala in honour of Gautama Buddha. Such claims are given no credence by modern historians.

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