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Horace Walpole Carpentier (1824-1918) was a lawyer and the first mayor of Oakland, California. He also served as president of the Overland Telegraph Company which oversaw the construction of the western portion of the first transcontinental telegraph in the United States. Carpentier was born in Galway, New York in July 1824. He graduated with the Class of 1848 at Columbia College. Carpentier came to California during the gold rush, as he is listed as a passenger on the ship Panama in the New York Herald, February 6, 1849. In 1854, he was appointed "Major General" of the California State Militia. On May 4, 1852 Horace Carpentier persuaded the new California state legislature to incorporate Oakland as a town. Then, on May 17, he persuaded the new town's trustees to pass an ordinance "for the disposal of the waterfront belonging to the town of Oakland." That ordinance gave complete, lucrative control of Oakland's waterfront to Carpentier. He was ousted as mayor by an angry citizenry and replaced by Charles Campbell who became Mayor on March 5, 1855. Carpentier presided over the California State Telegraph Company, before heading the Overland Telegraph Company. The Overland was formed  ( Wikipedia article )


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New York


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Columbia University


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