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Horbaef (also known as Baefhor and Horbaf) was an Ancient Egyptian prince of the 4th dynasty. His title was "king's son". He was named after god Horus. Horbaef was a son of Pharaoh Khufu and unknown woman. He married his half-sister Meresankh II and they had children: daughters Nefertkau III and Nebty-tepites. It is assumed that Horbaef also had one son called Djaty. After Horbaef died, he was buried in mastaba G 7410-7420 at Giza. His widow Meresankh married one pharaoh, her other half-brother, either Djedefra or Khafra and thus she became a Queen. She was later buried in mastaba G 7410-7420 alongside with her first husband. It's possible that Djaty was a son of Meresankh's second husband because he had a title "king's son of his body" and Horbaef was never a king, just a prince.

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