Horst Kwech

Horst kwech

Horst Kwech (born 1937 in Vienna, Austria) is a retired Australian race car driver, race car constructor, engineer and inventor known primarily for his several wins and two championships in the early Trans-Am Series races of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. Even though Kwech was born in Austria he considers himself to be an Australian, proudly displaying the Aussie flag and other symbols such as a kangaroo on his race cars and drivers helmet throughout his career. Despite not having lived in Australia since his move to the USA in the early 1960's, Kwech still travels with an Australian passport but in recent years he has become a US citizen following the Australian Government's decision to allow dual citizenship. Due to losing their house in a bombing raid early in World War II, Kwech's mother used her connections to emigrate with Horst and his older sister to Australia and the small New South Wales town of Cooma. There his mother and sister joined many other immigrants in working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme while Horst attended school and later went on to work for a local car yard called Region Motors.

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Vienna , Austria
pop. 1,731,236 (2012)


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