Hoshu Sheedi

Emir Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, Hoshu Sheedi (Sindhi: جنرل هوش محمد شيدي; Urdu: جنرل ہوش محمّد شیدی), full name Shaheed Hosh Mohammad Sheedi, was a general of Talpur Mirs' army, which fought against the British in the Battle of Miani and the last Battle of Dubbo (1843). Hoshu belonged to the African-descended Sheedi community of Pakistan. Before he died in the Battle of Dubbo, though French-speaking, he called out the slogan in Saraiki which was originally coined by Talpur in the Battle of Miani: مرسون مرسون، سنڌ نه ڏيسون 'Marsoon Marsoon, Sindh na Ddaisun' ("We will die but won't give Sindh [to others]") He died in the Battle of Dubbo near Hyderabad in 1843, and was buried in Dubee near Tando Jam Road, Hyderabad. The mausoleum of Hosh Mohammed Sheedi, popularly known as Hosho Sheedi, who died in a war against the British invasion on March 24, 1843, is in shambles as the waste material and garbage from the nearby village are being dumped at the site. The historical shrine is situated at Dubee, a small village situated some 10 kilometers from the Hyderabad city. It was built many years back to pay tribute to the war martyrs and was declared a heritage site.

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1843 at age of 42
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