Hugo Selenski

Hugo Selenski is a convicted drug dealer killer from Luzerne County, in Northeastern Pennsylvania, charged in 2003 with the murder of two of five people whose bodies were unearthed from his back yard. Officials have said there might be as many as 12 bodies buried at his home on Mount Olivet Drive in Kingston Township, Pennsylvania. Selenski was the target of a nationwide manhunt and gained national media recognition when he escaped from the jail where he was awaiting trial the week he was charged with the murders, on Friday, October 9, 2003. He and another inmate used bedsheets to escape from the Luzerne County Correctional Facility in the county seat of Wilkes-Barre. Selenski's partner in the jailbreak, Scott Bolton, was injured and hospitalized during the escape, but Selenski remained free. He turned himself in several days later. Selenski was subsequently moved to a state prison, also located in Luzerne County. Two years later, jury selection was completed, and his trial began in March, 2006. The trial lasted two weeks, with an acquittal on the murder charges. He was, however, found guilty on two counts of abusing a corpse.

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