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Humbert Fink (i.e. Luigi Umberto Fink; born August 13, 1933 in Vietri sul Mare near Salerno, Italy; died May 16, 1992 in Maria Saal, Carinthia) was an Austrian writer and journalist. After a book of poetry and two novels, Fink wrote numerous travel essays and guides, as well as biographies of well-known persons in history. In 1957-58, he edited the magazine Die österreichischen Blätter, and from 1959 on he edited the magazine Hefte für Literatur und Kritik jointly with Paul Kruntorad. In 1977, with Ernst Willner, the chairman of the Austrian television company in Carinthia, he initiated the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. Humbert Fink was also a well-known newspaper commentator in Austria.

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Date of birth
August 13th, 1933


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