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Hazima bint Nasser (1884–1935) was an Arabian princess. In 1904, in Istanbul, she married the prince Faisal son of the Sharif of Mecca. Their first born was a daughter, Azza (1906–1936), followed by other two girls, Rajiha (1907–1959) and Raifi'a (1910–1934), and finally by a boy Ghazi (1912–1939), the future king of Iraq. After World War I, the former dominions of the Ottoman Empire were divided between the European nations, or proclaimed independent. In 1920, Faisal was proclaimed king of Syria, and so Hazima became queen of Syria. In order to reach her husband,she moved with her children into the new established royal palace in Damascus. But, unfortunately, after only four months of reign, the kingdom of Syria was dissolved after the Franco-Syrian War, and so both Faisal and Hazima lost their titles. In 1921, the British government decided to put Faisal as king of the new Kingdom of Iraq, over which they had an international mandate. He accepted and,he was proclaimed king of Iraq. Naturally Hazima became queen, and the royal family was transferred to Baghdad the capital of the new kingdom.

Personal details

Date of birth
Iraq,Syria,Saudi Arabia
Date of death
1935 at age of 51
Place of death




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