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Zain ad-Din, Abu al-Faraj, 'Abd ar-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn 'Abd ar-Rahman ibn al-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Abi al-Barakat Mas'ud as-Sulami, al-Baghdadi, al-Hanbali, also known as Ibn Rajab, which was a nickname he inherited from his grandfather who was born the month of Rajab, was a Muslim scholar. Imam ibn Rajab was born in Baghdad in 1335 (736H). His grandfather was a scholar of Islam with a focus in Hadith. His father, also born in Baghdad, studied under a number of scholars. At the age of five ibn Rajab's family moved to Damascus, then traveled to Jerusalem where he studied under al-Alla'i, then back to Baghdad and from there to Mecca. While in Mecca his father arranged for him to study Islam as well. He then traveled to Egypt before returning to Damascus, where he taught students of his own. Some of the scholars he studied under were ibn an-Naqeeb (d. 769H), as-Subki, al-Iraqi (d. 806H), and Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Khabbaz. He also studied with Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah up to ibn Qayyim's death. Ibn Rajab's commentary on the forty hadith of Nawawi (Jami' al-Ulum wa al-Hikam) is the largest as well as generally being considered the best commentary available. Near the end of his life,  ( Wikipedia article )


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